Free Electricity For The Home - Solar Panels

Solar panels are a common occurance upon many UK households - Solar PV panels generate free electricity for your home! Solar panels generate free electricity by storing the suns natural daylight energy and converting it into electricity for the home. You may think How can solar panels work in the UK we rarely have a sunny day!? Well, solar panels do not rely on direct sunlight, they can still generate electricity for the home even on overcast dull days! Solar panels work off daylight energy transferring daylight into free electricity for the home. Consequently more and more households are using this renewable energy method to provide power to their homes.

Solar panels are generally found on the rooftops of homes at the highest point clear from any obstructions from trees or buildings. For solar panels to be at their most efficient they should be installed on south facing roofs, this is because generally there is a higher quality of sunlight in the south.

It is an exciting time for solar panels at the moment - The UK Government aims to ensure that 15% of total energy is from renewable sources by 2012. Hence why the UK Government has invested in the Feed In Tariff Scheme (FIT's). Under the Feed In Tariff Scheme energy companies will pay you a set amount per kwh that your solar panels generate, you will also receive payment for the electricity your solar panels have produced but not used. If your free electricity generating solar panels are installed in 2012 you will receive the higher level tariff rate which is fixed for 25 years! After 2012 the tariff amount that energy companies will pay you per kwh of energy your solar panels produce will be considerably less. This is because the UK Government aims to ensure that 15% of total energy is from renewable sources by 2012.

Installing solar panels before the reduction in the feed in tariff is a good investment opportunity, the 25 year guaranteed feed in tariff rate will provide between an 8-10% return on investment.

Solar Panels Provide A Tidy Investment:

  • You are paid for all the electricity generated, even the electricity you use in your home
  • A further premium is paid for the electricity that is not used and fed into the grid
  • Payments are tax free and guaranteed for 25 years (Only if your solar panels installed 2012)

Cost To Install Solar Panels:

  • A typical system installation will cost anywhere between £5,00 - £15,000 

The UK Governments 25 year pay back guarantee makes solar panels an attractive investment! Instal solar panels on your home and your will not only enjoy free electricity and no bills for the electricity you use. You also get money back for the electricity your solar panels produce even if you use it! This offer is not around for long, the Government is seriously pushing renewable energy sources at the moment, although their target ends in 2012 so now is the best time to act!